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Coach Kimmy has dedicated her life to helping others reach their full potential, both on and off the court. With an impressive 30-year career in volleyball coaching under her belt, she seamlessly combines sports with education and human connection for a truly transformational experience that helps individuals unlock secrets of success within themselves – all thanks to Coach Kimmy’s contagious belief that anything is possible!

Having completed certification as a Life Coach back in 2014 only further cemented this mission. Ready your team up for victory?

Look no further than getting inspired by unprecedented insights from the inspiring Coach Kimmy..

Kim Norman’s remarkable journey has been full of heights and depths, from the highs of championship successes to devastating lows that caused heartache. But through it all she is a firm believer in finding strength even amid suffering – her mission now being centered around helping others discover their Soul purpose on life’s rollercoaster ride.

An avid reader, traveler and cook with an unwavering love for communication, Kimmy is pushing mindsets beyond boundaries towards honest vulnerability as we seek out touchstones amidst our triumphs and tears!


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