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Empowerment Journey

We teach everyday people how to win on the biggest stages of their lives! Empowerment Journey, builds leaders with a voice, choice and responsibility to make change in their world and the world.

Empowerment Journey Framework For Success


We bring together talents to create unstoppable teams, equipping them with the tools needed for self-improvement. We foster a culture of life that encourages communication and prioritises winning fundamentals where everyone is valued and celebrated – even in moments they learn from failure! Our philosophy? Turn losses into wins.


Conquer the stormy seas of group dynamics with confident leadership! Redefine workplace innovation by managing risk and changing toxic behaviors, while empowering team members to be more committed.


Working together to accomplish common goals is the key to success! Our team-building activities help us understand how our different personalities come together in order to reach victory. Let’s embrace diversity and use it as a tool for unlocking even more wins against any challenge we face!


Unlock a life of joy, significance and success – that’s the immediate reward for discovering your passion and purpose. Connecting with it gives you an incomparable return on investment as well: living each day to its fullest while savoring every moment!

Empowering people to live life with passion and purpose.


 Empowering people to live life with passion and purpose. From the kitchen table to the classroom, and from the workplace to all human interactions we train individuals and teams how to create relationships that do not break.

Empowerment Journey is a leadership development training program that covers the coaching and implementation of confident leadership that can communicate, own responsibility and lead self and others to innovation and culture changes that win at creating BEST life experiences.

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 We give everyday people the tools they need to soar on life’s biggest stages! Do you want to feel empowered and be an agent of positive change in your life and the world around you?

About The CEO Kim Norman

As a professional volleyball coach, executive coach, author, keynote speaker, a successful entrepreneur in the non-profit space, and the only female to own mineral businesses in the USA, Kim Norman has worked at all sports coaching, management, and leadership levels. She has coached the Utah Unity professional team and coached collegiate, high school, and club programs to championship success. In addition to posting two conference championships at Westminster College and their first trip to the NAIA National Championship in 2007, Kim reached her extraordinary 400th-win club status with the AVCA in 2018. Kim won two state championships at Highland High School and multiple years of championships at the club and high school levels. The extraordinary part of this history is that all the programs Kim took the helm, had terrible records before her leadership.

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Embark on an empowering journey that will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become a true leader. With your voice, choice, and responsibility you can create lasting change both in yourself and in your world!

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